Podupti.me ratings for diasp.eu pod

User Comment - User: daniel@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/u/daniel Rating: 9
it's good2011-10-03 00:32:11
User Comment - User: alessandro@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/u/alessandro Rating: 10
EU diaspora hosted in Germany.2011-10-03 02:40:35
User Comment - User: gicxjo Url: diasp.eu/u/gicxjo Rating: 6
Hosted in Germany (but site in English). It has a clear data policy (incredibly not so many pods publish a data policy). However, I have problems to get all updates from users in other pods. It was sometimes a bit slow in comparison to other pods. It is typically up-to-date.2011-10-12 01:48:23
User Comment - User: fodi69@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/people/4997 Rating: 10
2011-10-12 09:38:02
User Comment - User: diasp_sevan Url: https://diasp.eu/people/5823 Rating: 10
Always getting the updates, always up for my experience and maintainers kindly answer to questions !2011-10-12 14:33:04
User Comment - User: oco@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/people/10394 Rating: 10
The best pod I ever used. I love it.2011-10-19 14:13:18
User Comment - User: IreneoFunes Url: ... Rating: 5
server errors upon registration2011-10-31 08:50:15
User Comment - User: Renu Saint Url: http://diasp.eu Rating: 10
Well done!2011-11-04 04:30:13
User Comment - User: mattbrun05@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/people/7705 Rating: 10
SSL enabled, quite up-to-date, very low downtime2011-12-06 07:42:31
User Comment - User: lowci@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/u/lowci Rating: 10
Fast server, no problems since iam registred. Thanks a lot for the server. 2011-12-09 14:49:18
User Comment - User: axel668 Url: axel668@diasp.eu Rating: 10
good pod, always up and pretty fast2012-01-06 10:07:53
User Comment - User: qwertyuiop Url: https/diasp.eu.org/u/22345 Rating: 10
The best of best2012-02-28 10:49:19
User Comment - User: Stefan Björk Url: https://diasp.eu/u/antireduction Rating: 10
Reliable. Always relevant information when down (which is seldom).2012-03-01 02:14:07
User Comment - User: s0dafire@diasp.eu Url: s0dafire@diasp.eu Rating: 9
Updating everyday(from Coreteam)... sometimes the connection is slow, but okay. 2012-03-01 06:30:11
User Comment - User: diasp_sevan Url: https://diasp.eu/u/diasp_sevan Rating: 10
Up and up to date !2012-03-02 09:26:29
User Comment - User: benimnetz@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/people/e6fe96554e87dd5b Rating: 10
Works good, Diaspora EU pod maintainers help with coding.2012-03-03 04:23:10
User Comment - User: bustervill Url: bustervill@diasp.eu Rating: 10
.2012-03-04 00:27:46
User Comment - User: cryptie@diasp.eu Url: https://diasp.eu/u/cryptogirl Rating: 9
Stable pod with a fair privacy policy on server within Europe (Germany) thus under European law ^^ 2012-03-05 03:25:38
User Comment - User: David Mulder Url: asd Rating: 5
Can't sign up, gives a internal server error at time of writing2012-05-14 02:52:08
User Comment - User: info Url: info Rating: 10
Sign in problem fixed2012-05-14 09:13:30
User Comment - User: Adam Leibson Url: https://diasp.eu/u/adamleibson Rating: 10
Awesome service! Fast, snappy, new code every day or every other day.2012-05-22 03:57:58
User Comment - User: derfopp Url: https://diasp.eu/people/2eaa60afe8533496 Rating: 10
Works all fine – even with https everywhere enabled2014-01-02 13:36:45.618656
User Comment - User: Trocatintas Url: trocatintas@diasp.eu Rating: 10
Superpod!2014-10-18 12:26:03.923285
User Comment - User: deathkitten@diasp.org Url: https://diasp.org/people/ebbc4fb7ff17c473 Rating: 10
This pod is well run, with great uptime, and the maintainer is fantastic about letting everyone know what's going on if the server needs to go down for any reason (planned or not).2014-10-18 16:01:53.242276
User Comment - User: Iain Url: https://diasp.eu/u/iain Rating: 10
Reliable and always latest version2014-10-18 19:35:35.820083